Hyperbiotics, PRO-Moms, The Perfect Prenatal

July 2017 Michael User Reviews

Total Score: 8.0

Quality Score: 7

Warranty Score: 7

Value Score: 10

At the time of review this product was priced at $30.80. This Hyperbiotics, PRO- is truly an awesome product. 100% vegetarian lactose free gluten free all natural dietary supplement with patented technology, pro-moms is 15x more energetic than capsules, reaching deep into your intestinal tract alive.

It will serve you well. The best value.

Pro-moms is a proprietary blend of 8 probiotic strains specifically chosen for the targeted benefit they produce to pregnant as well as breastfeeding women. Great quality product. It is definately worth the price. Targeted probiotic support for pregnant & breastfeeding women 5 billion cfu† 8 targeted strains with kiwi extract 15x more effective than capsules.

Kiwi extract is a total food, superfruit ingredient, derived entirely from the new zealand kiwifruit, that helps your probiotics colonize, supports improved digestion as well as reduces constipation, a standard issue during pregnancy. † at time of manufacture. People who bought this product described it as: "Was a little concerned about the build quality at this price point, but nothing to be worried about this is awesome and high quality. " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

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Sale Price: $30.80

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Manufacturer: Hyperbiotics, PRO-

Brand: Hyperbiotics, PRO-

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Package Quantity: 1

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