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August 2017 Ella User Reviews

Total Score: 7.0

Quality Score: 7

Warranty Score: 7

Value Score: 7

At the time of review this product was priced at $59.85. What an impressive NatureWise product. Package quantity: 60 sustained release micro-pearls.

It will serve you well. Dietary supplement. Dimensions: 4.

The balance of "good" gut flora that lives naturally in a child's intestines can furthermore be depleted by diets too high in sugar or low in fiber, as well as by certain medications. 5 x 2. 4 x 2. Very good quality.

Our kids are exposed day-to-day at school as well as at play to environmental factors that can challenge their immune systems. 4 in. In just one tiny micro-pearl, NatureWise kids' care presents 8 strains of kid-friendly probiotics to help promote healthy digestion, accentuate nutrient absorption and support your child's immune system. Expiration date: sep 2017. Good value. Delivers 15x more live cultures. According to user reviews, it is priced well. Most people who purchased this product thought: "Worth the money without breaking the bank. "

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Additional Product Information

Sale Price: $59.85

UPC: 703168686368

EAN: 0703168686368


Manufacturer: NatureWise

Brand: NatureWise

Part Number: NTW-01926

Package Quantity: 1

Product Type: Personal Care Appliance

Product Group: Health and Beauty


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